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Welcome to University of Limerick Computer Society!

The UL Computer Society is for students who are interested in Open Source Software, Hardware, Computer Games and Technology in general. We run weekly meetups, where we discuss topics related to computing, work on projects together or just play games and relax. Membership is open to all UL students and Alumni not just those who are part of technology courses!

What can we do for you?

Skynet Status Updates

We've had some issues and outages on Skynet recently these are being worked on.
SSH must now be accessed on port 2222 due to a policy change with our ISP.
The Skynet login box failed and is now being served by a VM so the identity key has changed.

COVID-19 Update

The society's activities will continue despite the current pandemic. Most if not all of our activities have moved online to satisfy the restrictions placed on us by both UL and the Irish Government. Our priority is the safety of our members!

You can keep upto date with the society's latest activities through our socials or on

Benefits of Membership


Membership of the society comes with a free skynet account. Skynet is CompSoc's server cluster and was started in 1992!


We run meetups every week throughout the academic year. We also run large events once or twice a semester.


We have a large collection of hardware that we use as part of our meetups.


We have an active discord server for our members to keep in touch. Join Here.


We often host events and build challenges on our MineCraft server. Join Here.


It's not all about tech! Get to meet people with similar interests to you!

We are Recruiting!

Society Members

At the UL Wolves Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive in September/January we will be looking for new member signups, keep an eye out for us. Did you know that CompSoc do all the networking and technical services for the event!
Sign Up!

Committee Members

At our AGM in Semester 1 we will be forming our new committee and it would be great to see some new committee members (especially first years!).


We are currently in the process of upgrading the Skynet cluster and we will soon start recruiting new undergraduate administrators.

Our Sponsors

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we can be contacted at

Get In Touch!

If you have a question you can contact our committee via one of the methods below